Stair Aluminum Double Width Mobile Scaffolding

Analog General Trading Specifications:

  • All pipes are made up of aluminum alloy he 30-grade t6 temper.
  • Step made up of 50mm od 2.5mm
  • Thickness h frame height 2000mm
  • Width 1350 mm cabin height 1000mm
  • Width 1350 mm
  • Platform size 580mm x 1690 mm with aluminum chequered sheet stairway tube size 25mm x 75mm Height 2500mm 8 steps width 3 “handrails / horizontal bar/ diagonal bar dia 50mm x 2mm thickness gi “u” clamp,
  • Nylon wheels with foot brake systems outer trigger for four side corner (if necessary) nonslip,
  • Extra grip flat corrugated mullion steps high-quality leg grip chequered sheet for a top of the platform
  • Maximum working load: 270 kgs.


Double width Aluminum Stair is a very helpful scaffolding for the construction of supporting edge structures in complex development. The double width aluminum stair is very helpful scaffolding for the construction fo supporting edge structure in complex development.
Stair aluminum double width mobile scaffolding also very reliable scaffolding tower, it can hold weight more than 600 kgs, that means no need to worry about the constructions material to lift consistently. And, of course, the number of workers can work simultaneously. The platform has enough space to hold around 8 workers at a time still there will be enough space.