Safety Items In UAE

Analog’s topmost priority since day one has been its customer’s safety. Our team has always worked towards the safety of our clients. Every product that goes out of Analog undergoes several safety measure checks just to make sure that our customers never face any issue regarding safety in our products delivered to them. We understand the importance of customers in a business hence we always work in favor of our clients to provide them with nothing but only the best.

Analog always tries to provide top quality products to its customers. It makes sure that every of its work is done in a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly manner with the highest standard and is carried out in a professional manner. We, here at Analog try our best to convert your dreams into reality and for that, we must be confident that our of our product is safe to use.


Analog is currently the leading manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of scaffolding. Our good work has helped us spread open our wings globally and now our company has a branch in most of the places. We not only deal with Steel but Aluminum too is our main product.

Our team always makes sure to deliver Quality Products as per their respective Quality Standards to achieve the goal of giving our customers the Best Services & Quality Product. Analog constantly monitors and reviews its health & safety standards for a safe work environment for all its customers and personnel.

safety Equipments
The main safety measures are mentioned below-

The heights at which a Scaffolding (Analog) TOWER may be used are shown in the MIM and should be strictly adhered to at all times.

Outriggers or stabilizers
Outriggers or stabilizers increase the effective base dimensions of the Scaffolding TOWER and must always be fitted when higher Scaffolding TOWERs are required. These should normally be fitted as soon as the first lift is complete.

Tying in
Tying-in is normally achieved with compatible aluminum tube and couplers, but the advice of the suppliers should first be sought. It is a good practice to tie-in Scaffolding TOWER of all heights whenever possible and especially when left unattended or in exposed and windy conditions.
safety Equipment
Stability of the tower scaffolding TOWER should be erected and used only on ground suitable for the purpose, generally with a surface of concrete, tarmacadam or similar. Where Scaffolding TOWER is built on soft, uneven or sloping ground, they should be set on boards or another rigid packing, which will provide a firm foundation.

Safe Folding
The MIM will detail the maximum loads that the Scaffolding TOWER can support. Generally speaking, they will state the designed load capacity (DLC) that can be supported on any platform, and the Safe Working Load that can be supported by the complete Scaffolding TOWER. It is recommended that a notice is exhibited at the base of the Scaffolding TOWER showing the DLC so that all personnel who use the Scaffolding TOWER are aware of its safe capacity.