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It means instead of or at the expense of other treatments, which is at the very least foolhardy when the efficacy of said treatments (conventional medicine) is well documented and understood

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changes in interest rates (which impact NPV) or changes in anticipated cash flows (for example, if more

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pig'' & on every medication known to man, (to no avail), nothing is worse than this suffering, EXCEPT,

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Women are at greater risk of developing a UTI than men

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Asked whether UPMC officials knew HGH was being used in his practice there, Rydze said, "They had an issue that I was doing it on their grounds

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Brands such as “Astroglide” Sensitive Skin Ultra Gentle GEL do not include Glycerine which can cause yeast infections in susceptible women.

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Sie sind nie ganz zufrieden mit ihrer Umgebung und haben keine Angst vor Vernderungen

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CM: My parties are “C-UNIT” that’s Cunt Unit, Whorehouse and Cherry Bomb

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Fortune 500 corporations in Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Publishing, Financial Services, Real

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