Aluminum Scaffold Platform     

Supporting framework is perfect for day by day site exercises like fortifying, covering and cementing. Work execution builds because of the high wellbeing on the working regions. These scaffold towers are extremely helpful alternatives to traditional ladders once there is a heap of work to be done at height.

The towers have massive operating platforms, which may well match an employee and any needed tools and materials, whereas at the identical present each stable and rigid. the steadiness eliminates the danger of slippy, which may happen with the ladders. So, it’s quite clear that in any kind of construction, repair or maintenance work, a ladder doesn’t supply the practicality and safety that is assured with scaffolds. what is more, our towers are straightforward to assemble, move from one place to a different and disassemble.

Analog General Trading Specifications:

Dimensions:  1350 X 2000 mm
Surface Type: Color Galvanized
Color: Standard

Other details: (General Specifications with Size (MM))

Frame: 2300x850mm. Pipe Size – 52×2.5mm
Diagonal Braces: 2560mm(L) x 52mm Dia.
Horizontal Braces: 2300mm(L) x 52mm Dia.
Wheel with Stopper: 8″ 250mm(h), Dia. 150mm, 50mm(Thk)
Guard Rail: 1350x880mm
Plain Platform: 2400x600mm
Trap door Platform Platform: Size: 2400x600mm; Door size: 508x723x12mm
Ladder with frame: Distance between steps = 250mm
Stabilizer Aluminum Tube: size 52 x 2.5mm x 0.995kg/mtr