Oil & Gas

We did not just fake it when we said that Analog is the best in the current market. We are presently, the number one Oil and Gas company in Dubai. As Analog believes in providing the best to its clients in every form it can and hence has been rated as the best dealers of oil and gas in the entire of Dubai. Our storage capacity and extensive logistics has the capacity to meet the global demands of Petroleum and oil products.
We take pride in telling that energy trading is the most important aspect of our oil and gas business and every of our operations conducted are solely driven by trading. Trading is the key through which we receive important market information and share the same with our customers which eventually helps us build a good relationship with our customers, globally.
Our expansion has stretched itself the below-mentioned products of oil and gasoline -

1) Fuel oil- Our fuel oil analysts have high potential to deal with every upcoming issue regarding the fuel oil department.

2) Gasoline- Analog has spread its wings globally when it comes to dealing with gasoline products.

3) Naptha- Our team supplies Naptha and delivers it's feedstock to oil refineries, petroleum industries and so on.

4) LPG- We Target in meeting the ends of not only petrochemical industries but also for domestic purposes at the same time.

5) LNG- Our LNG deals with a wide range of logistics and storage facilities.

6) Low pour fuel oil- Analog also deals with low pour fuel oil as we have optimum speed and flexibility needed in regard to market advantage.