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Analog General Trading is having vast experience in scaffolding manufacturing and supplying.



We offer services in Oil & gas, Building Material, IT Services and rental scaffolding.


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We serve in region: UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, India, Bahrain, Oman, Iraq and Kuwait.


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Currently the top manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of scaffolding business and rentals.

Analog General Trading


Analog General Trading is the leading aluminum and steel scaffolding manufacturers and dealers in the Middle East (UAE, Sharjah etc.). It is currently the top manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of scaffolding business and rentals. Most noteworthy, We serve in Aluminum scaffolding mobile access towers, Aluminum Scaffolding Access equipment, Steel Scaffolding, Scaffolding Accessories.  In addition, We provide the solution in domestic and industrial issues and more solutions regarding high working heights, low-level folding units and podiums for low working heights & Aluminum Scaffolding Ladders with safety to meet the requirements of both domestic and industrial users.

Analog has its own skilled and efficient team. Therefore, Our Team work hard day and night to give you the best supply of Scaffolding, Steel Scaffolding, Aluminum Mobile Access Scaffolding Towers, Aluminum Ladders & Steel Scaffolding. Further, We not only deal with Steel, but also with Aluminum scaffolding, Aluminum Ladders and so on. Above all, our product has a reasonable price. In other words, We offer our products in a pocket-friendly budget without putting a dent in your pockets.

Vision and Mission

Analog General Trading main aim and motto have been pretty constant since day one. We believe in the satisfaction and safety of our clients. Hence, we give our 100% hard work and dedication to give you with the best quality of products. Above all, we understand the importance of customers and ensure that they are happy and satisfied. Furthermore, We have a very healthy track record of never disappointing our clients. However, Handling scaffolding is not an easy business because it is risky. Therefore, every product undergoes several safety checks to make sure that there is no glitch in the product provided to you.

Dedication, hard work and determination is our key to success. Staying in the topmost position that too in this competitive business is not easy, but consequently our efficient team invests their heart and soul to provide the best quality to its customers which as a result leads Analog to be leading manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of steel scaffolding.

Customer satisfaction and safety has always been our topmost priority which eventually leads to the delivery of the finest quality of products. Our company has spread open it’s wings globally and now we serve all throughout the globe. You can know more about us on our official website. Safety is given priority in bulk in Analog.

More About Analog Gulf

It’s been a while since Analog General Trading is in action and our success has to lead us to spread open our wings globally. As a result, we have started serving globally under the tags of Scaffolding Bahrain, Scaffolding Qatar, Scaffolding India and so on. Our team offers various range of products which includes Aluminum too. We serve Aluminum globally as well under the tags Aluminum Scaffolding Riyadh, Aluminum Scaffolding Doha, Aluminum Scaffolding Muscat, etc. Finally, The most important part of a construction is the use of ladders because it acts as a stepping stone to convert your dreams into reality. Moreover, We deal with ladders too under the tag Aluminum Ladder in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Doha, Muscat, and Riyadh. Towers are also needed in the construction business.

We believe customer satisfaction is the cornerstone and hence we strive hard to make our clients happy. Therefore, We never disappoint our clients and plan to work on this principal forever because we understand what clients are to a business.

You need to enthrall your trust in our company once, and you would never be disappointed. Our assistance team is ever ready to guide you 24*7 in case of queries.


Analog provide the best services with its skilled and efficient team.


Rental Services

Most importantly, Every business no matter large or small shares the same aim-to give it’s customer quantity and quality. And  that too with a pocket-friendly budget. However, You must be confused in choosing the best scaffolding.


Building Materials

The most important and essential part of a construction is the quality of production materials along with the equipment used in construction. In other words, Building materials are the real building block of construction.


Oil & Gas

We are presently, the number one Oil and Gas company in Dubai. As Analog believes in providing the best to its clients in every form it can and hence has been rated as the best dealers of oil and gas in the country.


IT Services

With the number of problems arising in the IT sectors, as a result of which people are confused about who to turn up to find solutions for their problems regarding IT. Worry not, because Analog is here and We have the best skilled.


Analog General Trading has the following best qualities:

  • We provide scaffolding with 100% safety.
  • We provide the solution in domestic and industrial issues and more solutions on scaffolding.
  • More benefits can availed with our best Quality and Quantity of Scaffolding..

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